Festival favourites

A selection of some of the upcoming major musical and cultural events featuring some of the top talent from both home abroad taking place all over Catalonia this summer

Joan Mateu

Making the ordinary extraordinary

How has your painting evolved in the past 20 years?When you first start painting, what impresses you most is hyper-realism and being able to reproduce a reality in an almost photographic way. Years later,...

A transfer saga and two new coaches

The presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, takes a look at the summer changes awaiting Catalonia’s top-flight football clubs

Val d’Aran

Val d’Aran may be in Catalonia, but it has its own distinct identity and language, a variety of the Occitan language known as Aranese. Since 2015, the area has also been categorised as a “unique territorial...

Drones to save lives

The Proactiva Open Arms NGO could improve its search and rescue efforts in the Mediterranean by using drones developed by the UPC and the Hemav Foundation

Jujol, the origins

A new artistic route invites visitors to discover 16 works, most of which are now little known, that represent the legacy left by Catalan architect Josep Maria Jujol in his native region of Camp de Tarragona

Matthew Tree
Long-term resident
Matthew Tree

MONEY for old rope

Sense foto
viewpoint / brett hetherington

Who are the ENGLISH?

Sense foto
tribune / Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner,

Madrid’s colonial attitude

Neil Stokes
Neil Stokes

The golden oldies

Barney Griffiths
Barney Griffiths


Martin Kirby
Martin Kirby


Tempo Girona

Girona’s old quarter hosts best music

Nits de clàssica

Classical doesn’t mean elitist

Sons Solers

When the environment is everything

Poesia i +

Poetry in Maresme

Joan Mateu

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Tortellà (Garrotxa)

Dani Iglesias

Actors, co-founders of escapade theatre

Sue Flack & Caspar

Founder of llibreria 22

Guillem Terribas

Albert Grañó & Aurèlia Marsal
Albert is a consultant. Aurèlia works in a Montessori school

In the heart of Europe

Eva Bosch
Painter, writer and video maker

A refuge from repression

Ruth Foust

In the land of the free

Anna Jofre Vilanova
Works in a multionational company and occasionally as a translator

Holland’s New York

Drones to save lives

Jujol, the origins

Clowns without borders

A farmer for a day

Montse Vellvehí
Director of the Institut del Teatre

Art has to be uncomfortable

Joan Alemany i Royo
Musician and Business graduate

“Without an Erasmus exchange I wouldn’t be here as a winner”

Christian Escribà
Pastry artist

CHOCOLATE is like wine

Lado Chanturia
Strasbourg Court Judge


Yet another country

Close to the truth

A new world in their hearts

The mother of all KITCHENS

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through La Terra del Cava

Text: CUINA MAGAZINE Photo: Anna García Frigola

Beans from Bages

Ovnew: a GALACTIC food experience

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Pla de Bages

Mar Gutiérrez-Colón
PHD in English Philology (URV) and head of the team developing the new Art of Reading application

Learning English through fun

Smart Heritage

How to be a good REFEREE?

Skis, boots, glasses and a WRISTBAND

Festa major in Banyoles
Photo: Sara Cabarrocas

A cause for celebration

Llorenç del Penedès
Photo: Courtesy of town council

Night of fire and witches

Temps de Flors, 2018
Photo: manel lladó

Girona’s time for flowers

Mona de pasqua
Photo: Lluís Martínez

Catalonia’s Easter treat