Recovering the old coastal path

Offering much more than just sun and sand tourism, Salou invites the visitor to discover unknown places and landscapes through its coastal path

The walk along the recovered coastal path that connects Salou with Vila-seca (La Pineda beach) is one of the area’s new attractions for tourists, complementing the sun and sand holiday that attracts tens of thousands of tourists to this privileged spot on the Catalan coast. The 6.5 km path runs along the coast from the area of Pilons to the Cape Salou lighthouse, and from there on to La Playa beach. It consists of two sections: from Pilons to Replanells (2 km) the path is well maintained and from Replanells to the lighthouse (4.5 km) it is a natural path, not entirely in perfect condition. Historically, the paths followed the coast and were used for coastal surveillance or by fishermen. The recovery of this path makes it once again possible to stroll along the coast via points that were inaccessible for many years.

A walk along the path reveals the great natural and scenic wealth of the area. Apart from the various panoramic views it offers along the way, the path winds along beaches and through coves, providing a very different way of discovering the area around Cape Salou. From Pilons, the path dips south and passes through Els Capellans beach, where visitors will find the remains of the old lepers’ colony, built in 1829. The route continues through Llenguadets cove, with a view out on to the bunkers built during the Spanish Civil War.

The last section is Llarga beach, a natural environment located far from the beaten track. Although the path reaches a maximum height of 77 metres above sea level, with sections that have some degree of difficulty, most sections are accessible for all.

Cape Salou has yet another attraction to offer, however. Due to its location, it is a place of interest for watching seabirds that it is more difficult to see from the beach. Therefore, with the help of telescopes and binoculars, it is possible to observe, among others, linnets, gannets, puffins, auks, loons and sea ducks, such as the black variety. Several species of seagulls are also native to the area, including the Corsican seagull, which is easy to spot in spring and autumn.

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Perruquet pine forest

To the south of La Pineda beach in Vila-seca we find Perruquet pine forest, a park where visitors can leisurely enjoy the landscape in privileged surroundings in contact with nature. In 1993, the town council made a firm commitment to protect the area and for 13 years work was carried out to return this natural space to its original state.

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