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Pondering the rhythmic impulse in nature

An Ayurvedic Sutra says “Imagine you move in rhythm with the impulse of a conscious universe”. On my morning walk with Tilly the dog I translated this into an everyday meaning to wonder if I walked...

Relationships with English-speakers raises the issue of how to handle multilingual kids  A. SALAMÉ
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Boy meets girl in Barcelona...

So many of us English-speakers become enchanted by this little corner of the Earth – I can't think why – and perhaps after a weekend break, a language course or a business trip to these sunny climes...

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Catalan Weekend

It is on the last weekend of June. The challenge is formidable and success far from assured. But can you imagine Barcelona on June 27 full of foreigners who want to know what is happening in Catalonia?...

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Catalan business and independence

At this crucial time for Catalonia, Catalan businesses are one of the groups that will have to decide between sticking with Spain or opting for an independent Catalan state. Whether they side with the...

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Championing Catalonia abroad

Just a few months before the decisive elections on September 27, the Catalan government has announced a project to expand its international presence with plans to open 50 official delegations around the...


How about a top-up?

When you've seen one, you've seen them all. That is the ungenerous thought that often creeps into my mind on those occasions when I've found myself being led around a winery. Visiting a wine grower in...

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Like a trooper

Language teachers tend to shy away from the fact that probably the hardest part of perfecting any foreign tongue is knowing how to eff and blind in it. For example, in Catalan, it's not enough to know...


Nice to meet you

A kiss on the cheek? Left or right? Two kisses, one on either cheek? Three? How many cheeks have we got? A kiss on the lips? Really? No kisses, but a handshake? A bow? What angle? Greeting someone new...


Don't be afraid of the dark

Before bed I go outside with the dogs, look up at Venus, Jupiter and the constellations and count my lucky stars. I mean, my circadian rhythms are as good as they can be for a 56 year old with a bladder...

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When I think of March, a favourite song of mine, one of Donovan's, wells up within, and I feel impelled to sing it!'Rain has showered far her drip/ Splash, and trickle running,/ Plant has flowered in the...