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Why go the public way? (Part two)

When I was much younger my mother used to tell me that one day if I ever needed a pay raise I should just go and ask my boss for one. In the 1950's when she was at work, before having my brothers and I,...

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Politics to set the pace of change in 2015

The election agreement between CiU and ERC, together with civil bodies such as ANC and Òmnium, will without any doubt set the pace of the political agenda in the coming months.In the plebiscite election...

Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn - My Fair Lady

From 'guttersnipe' to lady

My 11-year old son was genuinely at a loss when I suggested watching the “girl's film”, My Fair Lady. Almost three hours later, however, he was still there on the sofa, mouth slightly open, absorbing...

Coixet's film stars Juliette Binoche and Gabriel Byrne.

Coixet chosen to open Berlinale 2015

The latest project from Catalan film director, Isabel Coixet, will open this year's edition of the Berlin film festival on February 5. Her film, Nadie quiere la noche , is an adventure movie set in the...


All sweetness and no light

This Christmas I took my son to the UK to see his English family, which involves a car trip from my mum's place in Manchester down to my dad's near Reading. It's a journey I used to hate as a child, seven...


Think low-tech (it's key to our future too)

It's really comforting to believe we can innovate ourselves out of the path of the environmental and economic hurricane looming in the conscience. That seems to be the big hope.Is it yours?In the face...

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Not long before the end of 2014, a Belgian acquaintance of mine died of a heart attack, aged 52, in his native Flanders. I say 'acquaintance', because we were never friends, but neither were we ever enemies....

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A welcome return to Broadchurch

If there was one series that took the English-speaking TV market by surprise in 2013 it was Broadchurch. Initially a modest production, it soon had an audience of nine million and was the object of great...

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The dictionary meaning of ‘concept' is an idea of a class of objects ; general notion (eg. the concept of evolution). A New Year visit to neighbours, here in the foothills of the Pyrenees, has shown...

Podemos, a party claiming to be an alternative to the established political system.  EFE
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Why go the public way? (Part one)

If tomorrow the government for some reason disappeared and we were all left without a system of state would it in fact be such a bad thing? There are people across the planet (and especially in the USA)...