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Matthew tree

Catch as catch can

We could talk about the ins and outs of the legal status of the Catalan referendum - which will or will not have taken place at the start of this month – until we’re blue in the face or the cows come...

daniel pALOMERAS. GP and writer

Màrius Torres: physician, patient, poet

Catalan medicine has not been very generous to doctor-poets who cross the border of dilettantism to create a work of general interest. Màrius Torres, from Lleida and the son of a doctor, is the exception....

random thoughts. terry parris

The gifts of life

When I was a little girl we often sang in church ’Give us grace to persevere’. I used to wonder who was the mysterious ’Grace’ and the man ’Percy Vere’ and why we had to give Grace to Percy?...

viewpoint. brett hetherington
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Getting Orwell wrong

In the New York Review of Books not long ago, the well-known British author Julian Barnes ran his eye over some compilations of George Orwell’s work. Thinking about the school where a young Orwell was...

gallery. PETER BUSH
Former Director of the British Centre for Literary Translation and a translator of Catalan and Spanish literature

Catalonia’s right to self-determination

Many Catalans want an open modern republic rather than the centralist conservatism of Madrid.


They said they would vote, and vote they surely did

Votarém (we will vote) was a common chant heard in the run-up to the independence referendum. When October 1 finally came around, Catalan voters made good on their promise. Despite a violent crackdown...


Politics from the 19th Century in Spain

The shameful image that Spain is giving Europe is not that of a “consolidated democracy”, as the Partit Popular and its fellow travellers repeat ad infinitum but one of a territory where even now,...


Let’s keep calm and do it our way

When people began to become more active on the independence issue in favour and were faced with Spain’s negative reaction, someone resurrected an famous British WWII slogan “keep calm and carry on.”...

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The world is watching Catalonia

The horrific terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils have naturally been a major focus for the world’s media. With Barcelona being one of the most popular cities in the world, and as there were 30 different...


The currency of knowledge

A few years ago, I somehow came into a bit of extra cash. Obviously, being me, my first thought was to blow it all a new motorbike. Yet, it seems that, finally, a little bit of maturity must have crept...