Toni Garcia Ramon

“Bill Murray told me, ’No one will ever believe you’”

Not everyone can say that Harrison Ford stole their mobile phone. That Jean-Claude van Damme’s dog died while they were interviewing him on the phone. Or that Scarlett Johansson asked them if they preferred...

In full view of the tombs

English Hours is the irregular diary of the two years (1926 to 1928) that the historian Ferran Soldevila spent as a lecturer at Liverpool University

Zdgt and Bst

Open a Quim Monzó book and odds are you laugh out loud. He is sarcastic and outrageous. He examines with X-ray precision his characters, who spin in a maelstrom of emotions and instincts, disconnected and disoriented

SHAKESPEARE: sex and angels

Scholar Rosa Maria Martínez Ascaso presents the essay ’Sexpeare. Love and sex in Shakespeare’, in which she analyses the entire work of the bard


Isabel Allende’s latest novel deals with two tragedies 34 years apart: the defeat in the Spanish Civil War and the 1973 coup in Chile. The Catalans Víctor and Roser, her main characters, link both disasters.

Hanging around in train stations

There is a long tradition of English-language travellers fascinated by the back-roads of Spain who write a book of personal impressions, conversations with local people, history and literature. Brett Hetherington joins a list that includes George Borrow, Laurie Lee, Gerald Brenan, Rose Macaulay and Penelope Chetwode

Clive Boutle
Francis Boutle publishers

The World Caught up with Me

book review & interviewYou publish an enormous number of minority language books.To date, I have published in the following languages: Cornish, Manx, Breton, Galician, Occitan, Faroese, Romani, Catalan,...

Alasdair Gray
28 December 1934 - 29 December 2019

in the early days of a better nation

“When I was 19 or 20 I went to a reading Alasdair Gray gave in Aberdeen, and I came away from that reading knowing that anything and everything were possible in writing. Scottish writing was in revolution and Gray was the heart of a literary renaissance which revitalised everything.” Ali Smith

City of dazzling cafés

Barcelona’s location as a port and Catalonia’s as a terra de pas (crossroads) opened up the city and the country to other cultures, whether it be French and Spanish armies, Latin American novelists, Picasso from Málaga, art nouveau – or food from Italy and France

Know the enemy

The Spanish title of this book written in English sums up an argument that Spain’s history is one of violent conflict. Surely not a surprise to Catalonia Today readers. We are well educated (or indoctrinated?) to understand that the Spanish state’s reaction when its unstable unity is threatened has historically been violent towards Catalonia