Girona FC: a steadied ship

In his regular look at the fortunes of Catalonia’s top flight football clubs, the presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, turns the spotlight back on Girona FC and their second season in La Liga

Just like Game of Thrones, but good

Kingdom, from South Korea, is a lavish production about dynastic intrigue with zombies that actually provide a constant threat to the survival of humanity

Gilliam’s universe

The director of ‘Brazil’ and ‘12 Monkeys’ and erstwhile member of Monty Python has an almost complete retrospective of his work on at the Filmoteca de Catalunya until April 27

Bermejo, the rebel genius

Bartolomé Bermejo must have had an extraordinary ego. Like today’s elite footballers who train behind closed doors or rock stars who will not perform without a dressing room filled with oysters and...

Berenice Abbot: female, poor and free

Man Ray got a fright when he realised just how good a photographer Berenice Abbot was, and he feared she might outshine him. He had hired her as an assistant when she settled in Paris in 1921 with no idea...