The keys to the trial A NATION IN THE DOCK

This month sees the most significant criminal trial in Catalonia’s history. We take a look at some of the main points in the process and provide an overview of the key arguments of the political and social leaders

The arguments of the defence

It is a political trial On trial are members of Carles Puigdemont’s government, the former president of the ANC Jordi Sànchez, the president of Òmnium Cultural Jordi Cuixart, and the former parliament...


Uncertainty about the UK leaving the EU, the rise of the far right, migrations and armed conflicts will mark 2019

Goodbye to single-use plastic

Should we return bottles? Is it always better to separate our rubbish? Our special environmental report has all the answers...

Democracy on trial

Former government ministers and officials, civic leaders and police officers will all face the courts in 2019

Argument for more rational timetables

Eliminating daylight saving time highlights the need for us to better organise our time and change our everyday habits

Europe’s TIME for a change

2019 will see an end to daylight saving time in Europe with each member state choosing between winter or summer time. In Catalonia, experts recommend the former

Ruled by the biological clock

A circadian rhythm acts something like an internal timer that determines how our bodies function during a 24-hour period

PICASSO and PICABIA, the false twins

The Mapfre Foundation examines the complex relationship, of almost love and hate, between the two influential artists at its cultural centre in Casa Garriga Nogués in the Catalan capital

A crypt at L’Olivar

Enric Pladevall’s project to create a sculpture park on his estate in Ventalló includes an underground crypt with a thousand year old olive tree that will be open to the public