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Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through D. O. Conca de Barberà

In the morning:Vega Aixalà (Vilanova de Prades, Tarragona)The Vega Aixalà winery started in 2003, the product of the dream of a family in Vilanova de Prades who decided to rebuild and restore an old...

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Pla de Bages

In the morning:El Molí (Manresa)After four generations dedicated to winemaking, El Molí continues to work with new varieties and systems adapted to the viticulture of today. The winery is now moving...

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Montsant

In the morning:Joan d'Anguera (Darmós/ Tarragona)The Joan Anguera winery was founded in 1820 by a family of winemakers in Darmós, and took the name in homage to Josep Anguera who had the idea of developing...

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Costers del Segre

In the morning:Castell del Remei / (Lleida)The origins of Castell del Remei date back to 1780, on record as the year the vines were planted. Initially, wine aged in oak barrels was sold in casks and bottling...

november food programme. CUINA magazine

Winter's on the horizon, time to get out

Food fairs take on a different slant from November as the country gears up for colder weather with everything from game and mushrooms to pastries and traditional local products

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Alella

In the morning:Raventós d'Alella / AlellaClose to Barcelona, this area goes back 2,000 years and shows great variety in a space of only 300 hectares. With its granite soil known as sauló, the wines it...

october food programme. CUINA magazine

An invitation to autum fare

Mushrooms, seafood, cheese, nuts and apples, something for everyone's taste. Autumn is a great time to get out and about and visit food festivals before the cold weather arrives

Tast Jazz - July 2 - Arbeca
july food programme. CUINA magazine

A mouth-watering summer feast

At last summer is here and there is far more to the hotter months than just sea and sand. Wherever you are, close by there is a tasty treat waiting for you at Catalonia's food festivals

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through cava country

In the morning:Mestres / Sant Sadurní d'AnoiaRecords in Sant Sadurní dating back to 1312 show the Mestres family as owner of vineyards and traders of grain and wine. That means the family has been involved...

Segura Viudas
Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Penedès

In the morning:Segura Viudas / Castellví de la MarcaThe beginnings were around the eleventh century during the Reconquista, with the most accepted hypothesis linking the land to the monastery of Sant...