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Iran celebrates 40 years since revolution

On this day, 40 years ago, Mohammad Pahlavi’s monarchy fell after his troops were defeated by revolutionary guerrillas. On the subsequent April 1st, Iranians approved, by referendum, the formation of...

“Democracy is on trial”

Trial against 12 Catalan politicians and civil society leaders begins tomorrow and will call 500 witnesses, over at least 3 months

Self-determination, never

President of Spain says he would never be open to Catalan self-determination, only days after agreeing to facilitated dialogue


’Vote Catalan’ in municipal elections

Primaries Catalonia held a massive event yesterday to promote citizen participation in the upcoming municipal elections, most of which will be held on 23rd of February. Under the slogan “The Catalan...


Poetics of Emotion exhibition opens

The Caixaforum in Barcelona is opening a wide-ranging new exhibition. From a contemporary video art piece called “Silent Sea” by Bill Viola, to a painting on papyrus from 13th century Castile, the...


Tarragona protest about church sexual abuses

A hundred people gathered yesterday, in front of the archbishopric of Tarragona to demand “an end to impunity” after cases of child sexual abuse by priests were made public in recent days. The protesters...

Trump to try summit with Kim Jong-Un again

US President Donald Trump announced yesterday that his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un will be held in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, on February 27th and 28th of this year. “My representatives...



The title of this month’s column is of course a partial quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the full version being “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, the female protagonist’s...

Talks stretched to breaking point

Sánchez executive rules out self-determination, with Catalan government accusing it of “breaking off” negotiations


97% of women targeted while out at night

Some 97% of women have experienced situations of sexual violence against them in a leisure environment at night, according to the report, Observatori Noctambul@s, by the Health and Community Foundation....