News from El Punt Avui


Taxis war with rideshare firms

Uber and Cabify quit Barcelona, the Catalan government creates 5,000 new teaching jobs, and a blanket of snow covers inland parts of Catalonia


A review of the year picking out some of the key moments that featured in the news in the past 12 months, both in Catalonia and further afield

Poetry and revolution

A new exhibition running at Barcelona’s Picasso Museum until March 15 traces the deep friendship between the great artist and the surrealist poet Paul Éluard, the man who awakened Picasso’s political conscience


He’s doing what?!

Who was it who first had the idea to put a ****ing man in the nativity scene? Who is responsible for looking at that sacred representation of Jesus’ birth, the faces of Mary, Joseph, the three wise men,...


Reasons to be CHEERFUL

As the year draws to an end, instability reigns in the Spanish parliament, with the Socialists in need of votes, Catalan independence leaders behind bars, former officials still in exile and threatened...


Today’s Dam Busters

Operation Chastise took place in May 1943. If that doesn’t ring a bell, how about the Dam Busters, the name given to the squadron that carried out a daring air raid on dams in Germany’s industrial...

Technology in the classroom

The government’s STEMcat programme aims to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics by providing material, resources and teacher training


Hilarious situations and marvellous dialogues, as well as memorable performances from a group of unknown young actors, are enough reasons to give a second chance to the British series Derry Girls, which...

A very DARK future

If a populist politician says on television at peak viewing hours that he “doesn’t give a crap” about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, we know what to expect. And that is how the miniseries Years...

Maspons the useful

MNAC national gallery has major retrospective of Catalan photographer’s work, with 500 of his images, including some that have barely or never been seen before