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Tennant cooperatives

EU subsidises a project in Mataró to experiment with collective renting groups with €2.5 million; the aim is to work towards affordable pricing


Energy-efficient housing

Energy savings continue to be a priority on an international scale, and also in Catalonia. In fact today is World Energy Savings Day, celebrated in order to raise awareness among the population of the...


Orquestra Barroca Catalana opens its season

Orquestra Barroca Catalana will open the 4th Ancient Music Season at the Church of Sant Felip Neri (Barcelona) this evening at 7 pm. Titled Ombres de tardor the orchestra will be accompanied by Marta Infante...


Channel 33 presents the series ‘Tot Jazz’

The documentary series Tot Jazz arrives on the screens of Channel 33 today at 11 pm.. Produced by La Xarrxa and the Institute of Cultural Enterprises, the series features is presented by Jaume Tauler as...


Catalan lawyers want legal system to enshrine Catalan

Only 8.2% of the sentences of 2017 were handed down in Catalan, a figure that has falling in recent years. In an attempt to reverse this trend, Catalan lawyers have demanded that judges and prosecutors...


Breast cancer in males at last draws attention

The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona yesterday presented the Fundació INVI, the first foundation of its type created in Spain, to “make visible what is invisible” and to promote awareness of male breast...


Interpol chief’s wife fears husband is dead

Grace Meng, the wife of the acting director of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, secretly detained in China, said yesterday that she is not sure if her husband was still alive after mysteriously disappearing last...


Banc Sabadell earns equality distinction

Banc Sabadell has received the DIE Award for Equality in Business, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Consumerism and Social Welfare, for its policies in favour of equal professional opportunities...


Congress passes decree to reduce electricity prices

The Spanish Congress yesterday ratified the decree containing a package of urgent measures to bring down the price of electricity and to guarantee the protection of consumers, especially those who are...


Circulation of diesel vehicles could be limited

Diesel vehicles bearing a yellow label –Euro 4 and Euro 5– could be banned from circulating in low emission areas from 2024 or 2025. That is according to the Barcelona Metropolitan Authority (AMB),...

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