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catalonia, october

Mad about mushrooms

At this time of year the days become shorter, the temperatures begin to fall and it's usually a good idea to keep an umbrella to hand. Yet, autumn also opens up new possibilities for getting out and about,...

Ville d'Angers, 2014 Thierry Bonnet
Ville d'Angers, 2014
Photo: Thierry Bonnet

An explosion of colour

Despite having no shortage of homegrown festivals, Catalonia is always willing to import foreign celebrations if they promise their participants a good time. The likes of Halloween or Saint Valentine's...

Girona, May, 2016
Photo: quim puig

A city in bloom

The Darling Buds of May is the name of a novel from the 1950s, but it has since passed into the language as a common expression. And with good reason. If there is ever a time associated with flowers, naturally,...

Jan 22, 2016 Photo: Josep Losada

What to do with the Born cultural centre?

This year promises to be crucial to the success of the sovereignty process, while at the same time it is 300 years since the Nueva Planta decree was issued by King Felipe V, in which Catalonia lost its...

Christmas is coming
December, 2014 Photo: Albert Salamé

Christmas is coming

The year that is now coming to an end saw the most successful TV series of the moment invading different places in Catalonia. Game of Thrones spent several weeks filming in Girona and Canet de Mar, shooting...

oct 25, 2015. Photo:Albert gea / Reuters

Batons and flags

A powerful photo, showing the hands of the mayors of more than 400 Catalan towns and cities, holding the batons that symbolize their representative power. The batons were held high to protest against the...

pasadena, july 2015

Barça around the world

Football is a global business. We all know that. And Barcelona is Catalonia's greatest ambassador to every corner of the world. We all know that, too. The proof of it cold be seen this summer, when Barça...

Barcelona, May 23, 2015
Photo:Juanma ramos

Farewell Xavi!

Xavi Hernández never won the Ballon d'Or, but he has been a key piece in the decade-long dominance of F.C.Barcelona in Spanish and international football. He was also one of the key figures in South Africa,...

Barcelona's Saló del Còmic  Juanma Ramos
Barcelona, April 16, 2015

Alive and kicking

They say that the mobile, digital, multimedia era we're living in has killed the book, the magazine and reading habits among youngsters. Millennials don't read. They surf the web, they tap the screens...

Barcelona, march 2015
Photo: el punt avui

Saving Barcelona's unique shops

Every capital city in the world suffers from the same syndrome: the copycat franchised shops that take over high streets. McDonalds, Zara, Starbucks, H&M, they are the same wherever you go and you cannot...