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Driverless cars: who will pay the price?

Driverless vehicles are already on the streets. Yet, insurance companies have still not adapted to the change

Quantum leap

IBM announces the construction of the first commercial quantum computer, but its capabilities are still theoretical

THE YOUTUBE phenomenom

Profession: YouTuber

Online celebrities using the platform have millions of followers worldwide and have rock-star fame; the Swede PewDiePie earned almost seven million euros in 2014 thanks to his videos

Futuroscope.  ARCHIVE

Step into the future

Futuroscope is a theme park with a difference, providing a look at how technology is changing the world

Tesla's Model 3  EFE
article of the month

The mother of all inventions

Strange but true, a tale of capitalism making profits while doing good

Luminescent wearables developed at Eurecat centres

Second skin

Slowly but surely, patience and research are paying off and wearable technology is finding its place


Google news

Google brings out new phones and a tablet to compete with Apple at lower prices with revamped OS and Apps.

Josep Albors at the Eset stand during this year's Mobile World Congress.  QUIM PUIG

Attacking moving targets

With the recent growth of the mobile sector, there are some 4,500 new cyber threats to Android devices every day but most attacks are still against PCs

Attendees walk between Microsoft and Sony logos at E3 in Los Angeles.  REUTERS/LUCY NICHOLSON

E3: an annual festival of video games

The gaming event of the year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, has just wound up in Los Angeles with the giants of the industry announcing their upcoming plans and novelties

The internet giant has no intention of missing the opportunity to make the leap into the fast-growing, fiercely-competitive but profitable mobile sector. The new project will begin in the US and will initially be by invitation only.  REUTERS

Google gets into mobile

The internet titan has plans to introduce a new system using existing networks and designed to guarantee the fastest speeds possible for mobile users in each location