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Mar Gutiérrez-Colón
PHD in English Philology (URV) and head of the team developing the new Art of Reading application

Learning English through fun

Improving university students’ reading comprehension in English through games is the main aim of the new application, The Art of Reading, the result of a European project and already available for iOS and Android

Smart Heritage

Advanced technology is being used to virtually recreate heritage sites through the use of applications for 3D goggles, tablets and smartphones to provide an immersive experience for so-called hyperconnected tourists

How to be a good REFEREE?

The ReFeree mobile app developed by a computer engineer at the University of Lleida tests both the decision-making precision and capacity of response of football referees, but can be adapted to other sports

Skis, boots, glasses and a WRISTBAND

Girona-based company Skitude has developed a prototype RFID bracelet that allows easy access to ski slopes while also monitoring and tracking the skier’s activity for later analysis or sharing on its leading social platform

Driverless cars: who will pay the price?

Driverless vehicles are already on the streets. Yet, insurance companies have still not adapted to the change

Quantum leap

IBM announces the construction of the first commercial quantum computer, but its capabilities are still theoretical

THE YOUTUBE phenomenom

Profession: YouTuber

Online celebrities using the platform have millions of followers worldwide and have rock-star fame; the Swede PewDiePie earned almost seven million euros in 2014 thanks to his videos

Futuroscope.  ARCHIVE

Step into the future

Futuroscope is a theme park with a difference, providing a look at how technology is changing the world

Tesla's Model 3  EFE
article of the month

The mother of all inventions

Strange but true, a tale of capitalism making profits while doing good

Luminescent wearables developed at Eurecat centres

Second skin

Slowly but surely, patience and research are paying off and wearable technology is finding its place