Catalans Abroad

Warsaw (Poland)

Warsaw: a major European capital

Gabriel Mirbet is from Tarragona and moved to Poland following a job offer from a former collegue. He’s married and has two children: a boy and a girl.

Xavier Garcia
Perth (Australia)

A Catalan in Perth, Australia

Xavier Garcia is a cardiologist who has lived with his wife and two children in Perth, Australia, since 2004. He visits Barcelona often, but is happy to be an adopted Aussie.

Marta Prats
Lillehammer (Norway)

Lillehammer: cold city, warm people

Marta Prats is from Barcelona, and 10 years ago married a Norwegian. Since then they have lived in Lillehammer with their two children, and their dog.

Jordi Garcia
Istanbul (Turkey)

Between Europe and Asia Some suggestions

Jordi Garcia arrived in Istanbul four years ago, looking for new experiences after many years in a boring job in a cubicle. He is in love with the city and its people.

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