Extracurricular activities under debate

Experts highlight the positive impact on school results and social skills, despite concerns about equal access and the need to offer reasonable prices

The “SLOVENIAN WAY” to independence

Some observers have drawn parallels between the current political situation in Catalonia and Spain, and that of the Eastern European republic’s efforts to break away from the Yugoslav federation in the 1990s. But is the comparison a valid one?

The hardest journey

A record number of 70 million people have been forced to flee their homes in recent years on account of long-term conflicts, persecution and the effects of climate change

Drones to save lives

The Proactiva Open Arms NGO could improve its search and rescue efforts in the Mediterranean by using drones developed by the UPC and the Hemav Foundation

Jujol, the origins

A new artistic route invites visitors to discover 16 works, most of which are now little known, that represent the legacy left by Catalan architect Josep Maria Jujol in his native region of Camp de Tarragona

Clowns without borders

Clowns Without Borders has had its work recognised scientifically: when young victims of armed conflicts with symptoms of post-traumatic stress come into contact with the artists, their emotional state improves

A farmer for a day

Picking fruit or vegetables or feeding livestock is becoming something of a tourist attraction thanks to the ‘Benvinguts a pagès’ initiative, which allows visitors to experience rural life and is now celebrating its fourth anniversary

HEROISM that saved a nation’s HERITAGE

An exhibition at Catalonia’s Archaeology Museum looks back and remembers the heroic efforts made by staff and experts to protect the country’s artistic and cultural treasures at the onset of the Spanish Civil War

1,700,000 reasons for being a Member of the European Parliament

Some 1.7 million people voted for Puigdemont, Comín and Junqueras in the European election but Spain is determined to prevent them from carrying out their functions as MEPs

End of two- party rule

The EU is set to get the most fragmented Parliament in its history following the May 26 European elections