Marta Galimany

“I thought only the chosen ones would be able to go”

This athlete from Valls has made rapid progress to reach her first Games at the age of 35

Àfrica Zamorano

“I’ve earned this, and I deserve it”

After tasting the last Games at just 18, she returns in Tokyo

Anna Godoy

“Going to the Games is a dream for all athletes”

Anna Godoy has followed the family tradition and will finally reach the summit in Tokyo

The Games of the pandemic

Over a hundred Catalans could be in Tokyo after suffering an uncertain and complicated journey to the big event, which has been marked by Covid and remains shrouded in doubt

So what next?

The pardoning of the jailed Catalan leaders sheds little light on the future of the others pursued by the Spanish judiciary for their part in the 2017 push for independence

Europe says enough

Pedro Sánchez publicly announced the (conditional) pardons for the nine jailed Catalan independence leaders in the Liceu opera house on June 21. The reason the Spanish prime minister gave for the pardons...

Rule of three

Four decades of the comedy theatre group Tricicle come under the spotlight at the Palau Robert venue in Barcelona in a new exhibition that runs until October



politics Reserved, rational, discreet, a good speaker, attentive, polite, kind, methodical, orderly, analytical, sensible, hardworking, a great negotiator, ambitious... on May 23 Republican Pere Aragonès...

A Republican president back in office

ERC’s Pere Aragonès becomes Catalonia’s 132nd president promising a “social, green, feminist and fully free” future, and pledging to make amnesty for the jailed independence leaders and self-determination “inevitable”

As different as chalk and cheese

In an interview with the BBC, Scotsman and former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, warned that the conflict between the Scottish and UK governments cannot be resolved as in Catalonia. Although he...