Quartet Gerhard

“Coming back home is the best way to celebrate 10 years”

The Quartet Gerhard, one of the Catalan music groups with the most international recognition, has left Berlin after seven years to return to Catalonia, where they formed 10 years ago. Lluís Castán (violin),...

Carme Portaceli
New head of the Catalan National Theatre (TNC)

“The TNC must be a gateway for Catalan theatre”

The TNC recently appointed Portaceli as the new artistic director of Catalonia’s National Theatre for the 2021-2027 period. She will join the theatre as a programmer in September and is excited to take...

Marta Coca
Director of 080 Barcelona Fashion

“We must promote Catalan fashion at this critical time for the industry”

The 26th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion, the platform that promotes Catalan fashion around the world and is organised by the Department of Business and Knowledge’s Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and...

Elena Neira
Professor of audiovisual communication

”It’s all a battle for data and whoever wins it, gets the power”

In her book, Streaming Wars. La Nueva televisió, professor Elena Neira describes how television has changed in the past few years and how traditional companies and platforms are vying for viewers’ attention

Miquel Ventura

“The pandemic has given the sea a break”

This summer saw the launch of a network of marine control stations along the Catalan coast that is the result of a project by the Fundació Mar, beginning with Cadaqués in Girona and Mar Bella in Barcelona.What...

Dr Montserrat Verdaguer
President of the Tom Sharpe Foundation and executor of the wirter's estate

Sharpe’s legacy

How did the Tom Sharpe Chair come about?This project is the culmination and the start of the fulfillment of Tom Sharpe’s will, in which he leaves me as the executor of his work. He wanted his work to...

Douglas Suttle
Translator and publisher

Scratching a little deeper

Douglas Suttle, a Londoner, studied History and Archaeology at university. After working in the wine import business in England, he moved to Vilafranca del Penedès some 10 years ago and worked at first...

Quim Hereu
Painter and main proponent of Strambotism

“Art is a MIRROR of our consciousness”

How did the lockdown go, was it profitable and productive?It happened that I’d just started painting La Llibertat, the third part of the trilogy of the visual manifesto of Strambotism, when the Covid...

Jaume Ripoll
Cofounder and editorial director of Filmin

“We’re not in competition with cinemas”

Increasingly more people are watching films and TV series on online platforms. One of the pioneers of this trend has been the Catalan company Filmin, which now has more than 14,500 titles, almost 3,000 of them in Catalan

Xavier Moratonas
Founder and Head of Lu2

“Playing with the family helps us to communicate again”

Xavier’s work involves playing games and using them as a tool for learning and for improving communication skills, social skills, problem-solving and critical thinking