Núria Cabutí

'The book market is stable'

The head of the publishing consortium says that after some years of crisis, things are looking up in the industry thanks to digitalisation and more young readers

Teresa Torns

Towards equality

With an extensive academic and research career, this Doctor of Sociology explains that patriarchy is alive and well and living in our very own homes

Mircea Cartarescu

'European unity is vital now'

The Romanian writer and intellectual was in Barcelona last month to give a talk at the CCCB on the fate of Europe

'A band is like a relationship'

Ander from Paraguay, well that is where you where born. Where is your family from?Yes, I was born in Paraguay. My surname is a bit strange because my grandfather was born in Russia. That is where it comes...

'The girl off the telly'

You need no introduction, you were a symbol of the Gauche Divine period and one of the most popular actresses in the 1960s.I have been very lucky, but my career was all a coincidence. I got married at...

Your 'friend' on the Internet

Do I call you a YouTuber? Or an influencer?I don't like any of those names; I just try to communicate with people, but I suppose influencer is the word.What does that entail?I tell stories related to video...

Mateo Gil

'Small budgets give you total freedom'

He has worked as a scriptwriter for filmmakers of the likes of Alejandro Amenábar, and for films such as Tesis, Mar Adentro and Ágora. He also directed the thriller, Nadie conoce a nadie, as well as...

Food for thought

You have lived in Catalonia for 16 years but the story of how you came to live here is interesting:I was born in Cameroon –where my mum was in training for finances. My parents are from Rwanda. When...

Becoming somebody new

Your film, La propera pell (The Next Skin), won six awards at the Malaga film festival and three Gaudí awards for best film in Catalan, best script and best actress (Emma Suárez).It is a film co-directed...

On the grammar of DNA

Why is Catalonia so big in biomedicine?It's out of proportion with the size of the country. This in part is due to the long tradition of business, but also to the long tradition in medicine. There have...