Sílvia Bel

“Keeping up in this profession is much harder for a woman”

€You began on stage early, didn’t you?When I finished at the Institute of Theatre, there was a lot going on. Doors were opening. I first did something with Lurdes Barba. In the Sant Agustí convent...

Joan Canadell
President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

“We don’t want any firm to go under”

Speaking from confinement at home, Joan Canadell prioritises people over the economy but also points out that many companies will be hit hard by the devastating effects of the Covid-19 crisis. A supporter...

Víctor García de Gomar
Artistic director of the Liceu opera house

Opera needs a revolution

Formally appointed as the Liceu opera house’s artistic director at the start of 2019, García de Gomar has now been in the job for a few months. Here he gives his vision of what the Barcelona institution should be striving for

Gessamí Caramés
"Pin-up" cakemaker on TV3's "Cuines" programme

“Cooking needs its own time to do, and so does filming; you need to have a plan B”

The pin-up on the popular cookery programme explains how she found her vocation for cooking, life in and out of the studio, who some of her role models are, and shares some of her opinions on food and cooking

Dàmaris Gelabert
Singer educator and music therapis

“I wanted to be Mary Poppins and I did it”

interview Thousands of children love her songs, and nurseries and schools around the country use them in their classes, while they can also be heard in theatres and she has a large following online. Dàmaris...

Rapper exiled in Belgium

“They want to lock me up for my ideology”

Josep Miquel Arenas Beltran is better known as the rapper Valtònyc. At the end of November, the European Court of Justice’s advocate general advised the courts that Spain could not demand Valtònyc’s...

Steven Kemp

Figting against FRAUD

What is criminology?There’s a common misconception that criminology is related to crime scene investigation or serial killers, but it’s a social science rather than a forensic science or TV drama....

Begoña Román
Chair of the Ethical Committee of Social Services in Catalonia

“AI is made so that you like it”

Does the difference between types of intelligence lie in emotion?Exactly. People think about robots. Yet, most AI has nothing to do with robots. It’s artificial intelligence we use to delegate tasks...

David Bagué i Soler

Thinking with the hands

interview Skill, patience, intelligence, sensitivity, tacit understanding and artistic sensibilities all come together in a Bohemian house in Barcelona’s Gràcia neighbourhood. David Bagué i Soler greets...

David Bañeres
Membre of SOM Research Lab at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Introducing the smart tutor

What advantages will a smart tutor give students?One of the challenges we face at the UOC as a virtual university is providing students with the most personalised support possible. In universities in which...