Mike Duff

Sustainability and improvement

Tell us about your background. You’re Canadian, but you’ve lived in many places. Why Catalonia?I found out about Catalonia on a road trip, when I was living in Nice, and my girlfriend’s father drove...

ada perallada

Pointers for autumn in the kitchen

Chef Ada Parellada is known for her love of local, seasonal products at her Semproniana restaurant (carrer Rosselló, 148, Barcelona). As autumn fruits are the protagonists of her menus at this time of...

Jaume Roures

REPUBLICAN OF THE YEAR AWARD Readers and subscribers of La Republica voted to acknowledge the producer’s professional and personal career

Andrew Staffell

Making music fun and accessible

Why did you choose to come to Barcelona?I’m from London, and I came to Barcelona 10 ten years ago, I wanted a break and it didn’t take me long to get used to the Mediterranean style. Barcelona is a...

Ben Emmerson
British lawyer specialised in human rights

Ben Emmerson

The lawyer defending exiled and jailed Catalan leaders before the UN gives his take on the political situation

Eva Millet

Eva Millet

The journalist’s recipe for raising children is, above all, based on common sense

Sharon Gunning / Oliver Holmes-Gunning
Teacher / Undergraduate student and teacher

Learning at home

Oliver Holmes-Gunning’s homeschooling experience began when he was 12. For the first couple of years Ollie was taught at home by his mother, Sharon Gunning, and later at a distance with an American school....

Fabian Mohedano
Promoter of timetable reform

We need to have dinner at 8pm

The movement to put our anachronistic and singular system of timetabling behind us and bring the country into line with our neighbours is gaining momentum

Sergi Lopez
Actor from Vilanova i la Geltrú


The veteran actor from Vilanova i la Geltrú talks about some of his new projects, compares the Catalan and French film industries, and comments on the political consequences for the Catalan culture sector


Lentils are as healthy as quinoa

Nutritionist Doctor Montse Folch has written 10 books promoting nutrition, diet and healthy eating. Among them is La dieta dels colors, which came out of her work with the Divendres programme on TV3 ....