Jordi Roca
Best pastry chef in the world (2014)

‘Everything is there to be discovered‘

You are the subject of an episode of the latest season of the Netflix show ‘Chef’s Table’, which is devoted to pastry chefs.Desserts are that sweet part of the meal that is hard to say whether it...

From beast of burden to national symbol

Once used as an everyday working animal on farms, the Catalan donkey is now recognised as a highly intelligent animal and has survived thanks to companies offering family activities and games in the countryside

Erhan Türkoglu

In the pursuit of liquid gold

You are originally from Istanbul, tell me about it. Istanbul is a really nice city. I was born there and lived there until I graduated as an engineer. Right after graduating I moved to Germany. It sounds...

Albert Bosch.
Adventurer, entrepreneur and writer

’Do what you want, but do it’

You’re here today to share with us your experiences as an adventurer. One of your greatest achievements was crossing Antarctica in 2012. How did your passion for the extreme start?I started because I...

Màrius Serra

A darker Sant Jordi

La novel·la de Sant Jordi is the prolific Serra’s latest work, a crime story set around Catalonia’s annual celebration of reading, which the veteran writer says has become a mass cultural event since his first festival in 1988

Rob Riemen
Dutch philosopher

Fighting against this age

Rob Riemen (Netherlands, 1962) is the founder of Nexus, which promotes cultural and philosophical debate and is this philosopher’s way of fighting fascism. Riemen says we live in a society that has everything...

Michael Jones & Judit Pinol
Craft brewers

Down under in the Empordà

Doskiwis: a fashion hairdresser from New Zealand and a Catalan model brewing India Pale Ale in the Empordà, the world is certainly a strange place

Carme Lluveras

“Being competitive isn’t bad. It is how we play, one against the other”

Monika Zgustová
Writer and translator

'I’ve always felt very european'

Monika, where are you from?I was born in Prague. When I was 16 years old my parents took me into exile. We went to India and then from there to the United States. That is where I studied and lived for...

Dr. Ramon Brugada


How is the project to install defibrillators in public spaces going?The public access defibrillation programme in Girona is one of the most important in Europe, and we now have 723 defibrillators everywhere,...