The art of procrastination

Tell us about your book on time management, D’on trec el temps (Where I Find the Time).I started writing about time when waiting for someone to go to a literary event. I started noting down some reflections...

Narcís Prat

In defence of water

You say you are a disciple of Ramon Margalef, the father of Catalan ecology.Ramon Margalef was an excellent person: very open, always ready to help. He was also an exceptional scientist, very intuitive...

Club corner. Subscriber from Barcelona

Meet the members!

The next in our series of interviews with ECClub members and subscribers

There is always a Plan B

Daniel, tell me about your background.I was born in Egham, just outside of Windsor. But all my family moved down to Hastings when we were little. I went to University in Brighton, and lived there afterwards.How...

Deep inside the language

You’ve recently been awarded the Memorial Francesc Macià prize from the Fundació Josep Irla, in recognition to your contribution to promoting Catalan language and culture. How do you feel about it?It’s...

Shaken not stirred

What is a mixologist?A mixologist is a bartender who creates cocktails.Where did it all begin?I used to work in the family bar in Cadaqués, called Bar Boia. Then one day someone from El Bulli restaurant...

Laia Costa

'I follow my instincts'

With five US films already under her belt, Laia Costa's career has come a long way from the character Rym she played in TV3's popular Polseres Vermelles

Carme Pigem, Rafel Aranda & Ramon Villata

Design doyens

Carme Pigem, Rafael Aranda and Ramon Vilalta, the trio of artchitects from the RCR studio in Olot, are still feeling the effects of the “tsunami” that was winning the Pritzker award in March, considered...

teresa rosell

The purifying function of writing

Life-writing can be said to have begun with Saint Augustine's Confessions, but the literary exploration of the self has undergone many transformations in the following centuries

Agustí Pons

'The aim is to build a life, not research'

One of Catalonia's most experienced biographers, Pons has written the lives of Joan Triadú, Pere Calders, Maria Aurèlia Capmany, Nèstor Luján, Raimon Noguera and Salvador Espriu.